Tourist Activities

There are many tourist activities that Ameglia area offer to visitors. In this page we wanted to collect information that will help you fully enjoy the extraordinary riches of this area. Just click on the images below to access the relevant section. Have fun!


Beautiful rocky beaches, including the wild Punta Corvo, or more the organized sandy beaches at Marinella. The postcard views of the Cinque Terre are just a few kilometers.


There are many routes and trails that wind through the foothills of the Apuan Alps, with breathtaking scenery for unforgettable days surrounded by nature with a backpack or mountain bike.


The rivers Magra and Vara are starting points for excursions and activities' outdoors such as renting a boat, an unusual experience. A spectacle when the river meets the sea.


Nearby Ameglia are some of the most beautiful towns in Italy. Lerici, Tellaro, Sarzana, Arcola and Ameglia are some famous places that you can visit nearby.


At border between Liguria and Tuscany, the Park Montemarcello-Magra includes an area of over 4000 hectares, rich in natural values, historical and cultural, crossing the boundaries of 18 towns.


Ameglia has its roots in the history of seafarers, farmers, fishermen, olive groves, vineyards. Do not miss the occasion to discover tasty and high quality wines.

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